Ghilad commune

Ghilad (German: Gilad or Kilatt; Hungarian: Gilád) is a commune in Timiş County, Romania. It is composed of two villages, Gad and Ghilad. These were part of Ciacova Commune until 2004, when they were split off.


source text&photo: wikipedia

Local Council Office: Ghilad no. 972 A,
telephone/fax 0256/418221;
45°28′06″ N lat.;
21°08′13″ E long.;

Historical landmarks:
– the Xth century – a legend of the place says that on the place of the present-day village of Gad, there was a battle between the Romanian Voivode (duke) Glad and the Hungarian army and that the name of the village comes from Glad’s name;
– the XIIth century – the locality of Ghilad was named Gyad and then Galad; – in 1212 the commune was given to a certain count named Sebus by King Andrew II of Hungary;
– the XVIth century – the beglerbeg Rami of Timişoara brought several Romanian families from Transylvania to Ghilad;
– the XVIIth century – the village of Gad was plundered by the Ottomans;
– 1717 – the present-day Ghilad was mentioned under the name of Gor ni Gilad (with 80 houses) and Dolni Gilad (with 100 houses);
– the settlement of Gad had 30 houses;
– in 1721 several German families settled in the area;
– 1842 – several Hungarian families settled in the area;
– 1851-1860 – Hungarian and German families settled in the area;
– 1900 – 35% of the inhabitants of the village of Gad were Serbian;
– 1926 – Ghilad had 3,589 inhabitants;
– 1936 – Ghilad had three churches, a primary school, a cultural centre, a historical monument, a military band, two town
libraries, a men’s choir, 850 houses, 3,539 inhabitants;
– Gad had a Serbian and German state school, a men’s choir, a mixed choir, a sports club, a monument dedicated to
– 20 February 1942 – Ioan (Ionel) Bogdan was born in Gad, instrumental performer and conductor;
– 1947 – Viorel Cristea was born in Ghilad, well-known naive painter (d. 15 May 1993);
– 2002 – Ghilad (plus Gad) had 1,849 inhabitants;
– 2004 – the commune of Ghilad was refounded by separating from the town of Ciacova;
– 2009 – the 12 kilometres of road between Ghilad and Gad (village with 185 inhabitants) were paved with stone;

Total population on 1 January 2010: 1,805 persons, of which:
– male = 857 persons
– female = 948 persons

Number of households on 1 January 2010: 817

Member villages:
Ghilad, Gad (1332-1337, Guad, Guanad);

Educational institutions:
Elementary Schools (I-VIII): Ghilad; Kindergartens with extended hours: Ghilad;

Health facilities: Sanitary practice: Ghilad;

Cultural institutions:
Community centres:  Ghilad; Library (founded in 2005);

– Romanian Orthodox Churches: Ghilad
(1762) and Gad (1928);
– Serbian Orthodox Churches: Gad (1777);
– Roman-Catholic Churches: Ghilad;
– Pentecostal Churches:Ghilad;

Annual Church Festivals: Romanian orthodox church festivals in: Ghilad (Easter) and Gad (Pentecost); annual Hungarian church festival: Ghilad (last Sunday of August); Kirchwei: Ghilad (9 November);

Citizens of Honour:
Costel Busuioc.